Nicholas Sparks One of the world’s most beloved storytellers


  • Brand Strategy
  • Content management
  • Database Architecture
  • Interactive Design
  • Interactive Development
  • Logo design

Sparks site was built on old tech and was falling apart. they wanted to rebuild the infrastructure from the ground up to future proof it for 2023. They also wanted newer design that was focused on his recetn Dreamland publication while still being able to be versatile enough to reskin it for other boks for the next release.

Heavy focus on event because of all his signings, and more focus on cleaning up the books, movies, permalinks to look nicer and be more interactive. added functionality for  Guests can download PDF excerpts of the books for members of his fan club (extra details that people can read to learn more about the making of the book, etc). Mini featurettes, BTS type stuff.


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