Nicholas Sparks One of the world’s most beloved storytellers


  • Brand Strategy
  • Content management
  • Database Architecture
  • Interactive Design
  • Interactive Development
  • Logo design

The Nicholas Sparks team wanted to rebuild the famed author’s website infrastructure from the ground up and “future proof” it for 2023, in addition to refreshing the overall design to focus on his most recent publication, Dreamland. The goal was also to have the new web design be versatile enough to reskin it for other future book releases without doing another complete overhaul.

Heavy focus was also placed on his Event Calendar to highlight all Nicholas Sparks signings, and cleanly laying out all of this work using permalinks to help the site be more interactive. Our team also added functionality for members of his online fan club to download PDF excerpts of Nicholas Sparks (which included cool content such as the making of the book, mini featurettes, and more).


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